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Naturally dried, loved by all dogs.

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Dog treats
Dog treats
Dog treats

Dog treats

They are not only a great snack during the day. They are also a valuable addition to the diet, an excellent reward during training and keep your Puppy busy for a long time. We offer a variety of dog treats.

‍SUPERPREMIUM - winners of the Top For Dog 2021 poll in the category of daily use treats. Biologically matched to the dog's diet, with high meat content and added natural ingredients.
‍Lovedtreats in the form of kabanoos, steaks, haders, softers

Treats 100% Nature, without enhancers and preservatives, dried in our production facilities from high-quality meats.

SPORT UP! treatsin convenient packaging make the perfect reward during training.

‍Bite treats in the form of a variety of bones that will keep your dog occupied for longer, help remove tartar and satisfy the natural need to chew.

We have treats for every dog.

Dog treats can have many different functions. That is why we have prepared a wide range of special treats with your pets in mind. We have something for small and large pets. For lovers of crunchy treats and for those dogs who prefer to chew.

For older and younger pets. Each treat also comes in a practical packet that's designed to suit their functionality in mind. In summary: We have treats for every dog